Dans Diversity

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The I that is part of the logo of IMHP looks like a key. Interculturality is key in society. Every individual and each group sees the other from the own point of view. The I challenges us to change the perspective and to adjust the insights in a dialogue with others.

Dans Diversity

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IMHP offers consultancy, workshops, lectures, management of exhibitions as well as research & writing. IMHP focuses on professionals in the international museum- and heritage field and its audiences.

Dans Diversity

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Dineke Stam makes history, gender and diversity accessible to a wide audience. A number of articles, lectures and presentations can be downloaded here.

Dans Diversity

Intro English

IMHP is read by some as 'I'm happy'! Of course I'm fine with that, but officially the letters stand for Intercultural and Heritage Projects. The I that is part of the IMHP logo looks like a key.



The meaning IMHP stands for Intercultural Museum and Heritage Projects. Some might read 'I'm happy'. That's good too!

To connect

With IMHP, Dineke Stam wants to inspire people to experience, explore and value the world full of conflict and difference, to connect with others - past and present and here and elsewhere. Connectedness is the key word, global history the context and diversity the hallmark.


IMHP offers consultancy, substantive project management of exhibitions, workshops, articles and lectures. IMHP focuses on professionals in the international museum and heritage sector and also it's public.


Dineke Stam loves variation and quality, is creative and takes initiatives, likes to collaborate, comes up with concepts and translates these into working products, pays attention to striking details and makes history, gender and diversity accessible for a wide audience.


Born in Dinxperlo, 1958. As a historian she has extensive experience in working with diversity in the museum and heritage sector. From 2001 till 2005 she was a Projectleader Intercultural Programs Heritage at the Dutch Museum Association.


For more than ten years Dineke Stam worked at the Anne Frank House as an exhibition maker. Areas of interest and specializations: women's history, gender studies, World War II and Jewish persecution, oral history, migration history, project education.


Current projects

  • Monument of Pride. Content project leader exhibition and website. Client: IHLIA, International Gay and Lesbian Information Center and Archive. www.monumentvantrots.nl
  • Pom on the menu. Content project manager exhibition. Client: Imagine IC. www.pomophetmenu.nl
  • Back to the Roots. Projectmanager NOW CO-OPS project. Client: KIT-Tropenmuseum. www.co-ops.nl


  • Commissioned by, among others, the IIAV, International Information Center and Archive for the Women's Movement; NiNsee, National Institute of Dutch Slavery Past and Heritage;
  • City and Language, NT-2 projects of Amsterdams Historisch Museum, Stedelijk Museum and Verzetsmuseum; Stage for Architecture Haarlemmermeer.

Finished projects

  • Intangible heritage in the Netherlands. Editing and production of the publication. Client: National UNESCO Commission the Netherlands (2006).
  • Aletta Jacobs and the Desire for Politics. Editing, production and public projects for the exhibition. Commissioner: Center for Gender and Diversity at Maastricht University (Mineke Bosch) cooperation Second Chamber of the States General (2005).
  • More color in staff. Expert organization expert meeting. Client: Amsterdams Historisch Museum and Netwerk CS (2005) and preparation and advice for Stepping Stones, a mentoring project for the heritage sector. Client: Network CS.

International projects & cooperation

foto klompen dans

Lectures, guest lectures & workshops

For the Anne Frank House, Reinwardt Academy, Maastricht University, National Archive, Yearbook for Women's History, Netzwerk Interkultur (Germany), Riksförbundet Sveriger Museer (Sweden), SICA (2005 and 2006), IICOM-Cidoc (Göteborg), Association of Museums of Slovenia (Slovenia), Life Long Museum Learning - European Project, National Archive, OCN-NVB conference 2006 (Amsterdam), Day of Cultural Education (Brussels, 2007). Black Europe Revisted New York 2008

An intensive study day took place in De Hermitage in Amsterdam. Dutch art educators exchanged knowledge and experiences.



Dineke Stam makes history, gender and diversity accessible to a wide audience. A number of articles, lectures and presentations can be downloaded here.

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